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Where an email address is listed without a link, mail to that address was returned undeliverable when tested.

Abendroth Waterfowl Hatchery
N363 Hubbleton Road 
Waterloo, WI 53594
(920) 478-2004 or 2053 or fax: (920) 478-2004
(layer and broiler chicks, goslings, ducklings,turkeys)
Allen’s Poultry & Gamebird Farm
2165 Alex White Road
Jackson, OH 45640
(740) ???-????
(all kinds of fowl including peafowl and emu)
Acorn Hollow Bantams
Lou Horton
1N735 Ingalton
West Chicago, IL 60185
Ph.: (630) 293-7735 - 7-9pm CST
(Exhibiton bantams and waterfowl)
Altona Hatchery
PO Box 160
Forrestfield 6058 Western Australia
+61 (08) 94536611 or fax: +61 (08) 94533318
Ancona's Peafowl
Alex Ancona
Ph: 810-664-5944 
Numerous colors of peafowl
Arizona Hatchery
Tucson, AZ
A startup hatchery in Tucson Arizona - common and several rare breeds of chickens and ducks
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Arkana Pheasantry
375 Awesome Lane
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
Pheasants and Chukar. Eggs, started birds and flight conditioned birds
B & D Game Farm
Route 1  Box 812
Harrah,  OK  73045
(405) 964-5235 or fax: (405) 964-5860
(Quail, Jungle Fowl, Pheasants, Chukar, Guineas, Peafowl)
B & D Pheasantry
Bud & Darla Guidry
130 east 132nd st.
Galliano,La. 70354
Ph: (985)-632-7348
(various breeds of chickens and pheasants, eggs and adult breeder pairs)
Barnard Gamebirds
43 Cutting Horse Trail
Bastrop, TX  78602
(Bobwhite and Button quail, Ringneck Pheasants, fertile eggs, craft eggs)
Bear Bayou Quail Farm
Gus and Barbara Rhodes
1107 Bayou Dr.
PO Box 514
Channelview, TX 77530
(281) 452-5407
(quail eggs in Butler bobwhite and giant brown coturnix)
Belt Hatchery
7272 S. West Ave.
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 264-2090 fax: (559) 264-2095
(no email info on their website)
(chicks, bantams, turkeys)

Black Orchid Farm
Lee Glenn 
P.O. Box 412 
Sulphur Springs,TX 75482 
Ph: (903) 885-4096 or (903) 439-5445 
(Peafowl, Waterfowl, Orientral Fowl, Mouflon Sheep, and Pygmy Goats.)
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Blue Line Club
Bernie Janssen
2841 K-18
Solomon, KS 67480
(785) 488-3785
Ringneck Pheasant, Chukar, Bobwhite quail
Blue Valley Gamebird Farm
Gary & Opal Tobin
1002 Harvest Road
Maysville, KS 66508
(785) 562-5258
Eastern Wild Turkeys, Cameo Peafowl, Yellow Golden Pheasants, Pekin ducks. Poultry Equipment, netting.
Bobwhite Quail Farm Of Hatchbend
North Central Florida
near Brandford, FL
phone: (352) 472-6556
Bobwhite and Coturnix Quail chicks and eggs.
Bülow's Hatchery
Bjørn Bülow 
Nylandsvej 1
DK-4540 Faarevejle, Denmark
Phone +45 59 65 06 20
(Legarth geese, ducks: Pekins, Muscovy, and Mallards)
Brundige Waterfowl
David Brundige
775 Albert Owens Road
South Fulton, TN  38257
Ph: (270) 472-3733 Day or (731) 479-3167 Night
or (270) 472-1700 FAX 
(various wild waterfowl breeds, breeder pairs only)
Cackle Hatchery
P.O. Box 529
Lebanon, MO  65536
(417) 532-4581
(many breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys)
Cactus Ranch Gamebirds Inc.
Larry Monasco
3482 Bob-O-Link Road
Gilmer, TX  75645
(903) 734-6469
(turkeys, gamebirds, pigeons and doves, eggs and chicks)
Calico Woods Farms
Harry Shaw, Jr.
3571 Sunset Road
Grovespring, MO 65662
(417) 741-7750 or fax: (417) 741-7751
guineas, 6 breeds of heritage turkeys, 15 breeds of bantams, 8 breeds of ducks and 2 breeds of geese.  Hatching eggs and live birds available. [NPIP]
Carey Farms
3252 Mt. Olive Agosta Rd.
Marion, OH 43302
(740) 528-2430
(layer and broiler chicks)
Carter's Rare Birds
near Fort Smith, AR
(rare geese and swans)
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Castlebury's Peafowl
Bobby and Aileen Castlebury 
Route 1, Box 93 
Brookston, TX 75421 
Ph: 903-785-0206 
(several colors of peafowl)
Catalpa Grove Farm
Norman & Gayle Pontious
530 Eider Rd.
Edgewood, IL. 62426
Ph: (618) 245-6304
(Salmon Faverolles, Black Sumatras, Buff, Blue & Black Orpingtons, Quail Belgian d'Anvers - chicks, juveniles and hatching eggs from show quality stock)
CEBE Farms
1313 Lilac Road 
Ramona, CA 92065
Ph: (760) 789-8221 
Ph: (800) 777-8730 or fax: (760) 789-6510
Red & Black Cornish Cross chicks only

John W. Bhelm
4599 Lange
Birch Run, MI  48415
Ph: (989) 777-1234
Only pure bred Ameracauna chicks, Large Fowl & bantam
Cindy D's Exotic Gamebirds
Bill and Cindy Dunaway
38503 E 251st ST
Garden City, Mo 64747
(specialize in Red Golden, Lady Amherst Pheasants and Peafowl.)
Cloverleaf Ranch
Dr. Tim Shannon
RR #1 Box 100
Wapella, IL. 61777
(email to this address returned undeliverable)
(Ringneck pheasant, Bobwhite quail, White Rock and Rhode Island Red chickens in eggs, chicks, adults)
Clearview Stock Farm & Hatchery
David Hartman
PO Box 299
Gratz, PA 17030
(717) 365-3234 fax (717) 365-3594
(chicks, waterfowl, turkeys, guineas, gamebirds, duck, hatching eggs)
Cooper's Show Bantams
James and Nancy Cooper
2820 Stone Road
Wylie, TX  75098
Ph: Home: (972) 442-1251  Work: (972) 442-6743
Variety of Show Bantams, Sells Breeder Pairs only

Country Hatchery
Dr. Dennis P. Smith
PO Bob 747
Wewoka, OK  74884
(405) 257-8315
Bourbon Red, Beltsville Whites, and Heirloom Bronze Turkeys, Pearl Guineas, Snowy, White, and Grey Call Ducklings, and various chicks
Country Hatchery and Feed
Rita Eichman
1379 117th Road
Dodge City, KS 67801-6681
(316) 225-0301
Various chickens, bantams, turkeys, ducks, gamebirds
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Critter Run
Frank and Glenda Griffith
Palestine, TX
Various Rare breeds of chickens, guineas, Bourbon Red Turkeys.  Chicks, hatching eggs
Cross Keys Pheasantry 
115 List Hill Road
Valencia, PA 16059
(724) 898-9600
(day-old ringneck and mutant pheasants)
Crow Poultry & Supply Co.
Box 106
Windsor, MO 65360
(660) 647-2614 or fax: (660) 647-3999
(exotic breeds, bantams, supplies)
Decorah Hatchery
406 W. Water Street
Decorah, IA 52101
(319) 382-4103
(broilers, layers, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas,  pheasant and quail. They serve ONLY THE MIDWEST U.S..)
Dixie Poultry Farm
Anthony Dean
Saraland, AL 36571
(866) 868-6069 or (251) 680-0918
Fax: (251) 866-0525
(Chicks, ducklings, turkeys, gamebirds, incubators, books, supplies)
Dogwood Acres
Adamsville, TN 38310
(731) 632-5080
(83 varieties of waterfowl) [NPIP]
Dogwood Hollow Gamebirds
Rt. 3 Box 2357
Claremore, OK 74017
(hatching eggs and chicks, pheasants and quail)
Domestic Fowl Trust
Honeybourne, Nr. Evesham,
Worcestershire, WR11 5QG ENGLAND
Ph: +44(0)1386 833083 or Fx: +44(0)1386 833364
(various breeds of chickens, waterfowl, gamebirds as well as poultry supplies and housing)
Double R Discount Supply
3840 Minton Road 
West Melbourne, FL 32904
(866) 325-7779 or (321) 837-1624
fax:  (321) 837-1628 
(Chicks to incubators...waterers to supplies.)

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Dunlap Hatchery
Box 507
Caldwell, ID 83606-0507
(208) 459-9088
(Over 40 varieties of baby chicks, ducklings, goslings, turkeys, guineas, gamebirds. Also offer hatching eggs and poultry/small animal equipment.)
Eagle Nest Poultry
3904 3rd 
Bucyrus OH 44820
Ph: (419) 562-1993
(chicks, ducklings, turkeys)
Eden Farm
2539 Baird Ave. SE
Paris, Ohio 44669
Ph: (330) 862-4504
High quality, flight conditioned game birds - specializing in ringneck pheasants, bobwhite quail, and chukar.
Egglectically Erin's Hatchery
Erin and Keith Burns
Kingwood, TX
(just north of Houston)
Ph: (832) 233-5376
(Cochins, Sebrights, Silkies, Old English and some layers)
(eggs, chicks, adults, custom made cages and some supplies)
C. M. Estes Hatchery, Inc.
PO Box 5776
Springfield, MO 65802
(800) 345-1420, (417) 862-3593 or fax: 417-865-2242
(production breed chicks, crested  specials, bantam specials, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, quail, chukar, and pheasant, supplies)
Fairchild Gambird Farm
West Liberty, Ohio. 
For Hunts and Pheasants:
Ph: (937) 465-5305 E-mail:
For Deer, Quail or Chukar:
Ph: (937) 465-8856 E-mail:
Bobwhite Quail, Pheasant, Chukar and Whitetail Deer
Frances Grieve Farms
PO Box 154061
Waco, TX 76715-4061
(254) 799-5648
Friend Bird Farm
Route 3 Box 24
Fredonia, KS  66736
(316) 378-3946
(Peafowl only)
Garden Poultry
The Hatch, Roddy Lane
Kingsley, Cheshire WA6 8HG England
Ph: 01928 787979
(leghorns, reds, sussex, wyandottes, marans, welsummers, and buff orpingtons plus Khaki Campbell, Cayuga and Aylesbury ducks)
G & K Exotic Farms
1061 Leadmine Road
White Pine, TN 37890
(423) 674-2737 or (423) 674-6318
(rare and hard to find fowl and livestock)
Giese's Waterfowl Hatchery
2550 50th St. SW
Appleton, MN 56208
(800) 529-3447
(limited varieties of ducks and geese.)
Glenwood Pheasant & Waterfowl
10219 Glenwood Rd. SW
Port Orchard, WA 98367
(360) 876-9091
(exotics and waterfowl)
GQF Manufacturing
2343 Louisville Rd.
P.O. Box 1552
Savannah, GA  31402-1552
(912) 236-0651  fax: (912) 234-9978
(Bobwhite and Coturnix quail hatching eggs)

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Grain Belt Hatchery
Box 125-OG
Windsor, MO 65360
(660) 647-2711 
(chicks,rare and exotic chicks, bantam chicks, pheasants, guineas, turkeys, ducklings, red jungle birds, and books)
Guinea Farm
Ralph Winter
21363 White Pine Lane 
New Vienna, IA 52065
(563) 853-4195 
(many guinea varieties and peafowl.  Eggs and day old chicks)
Hall Brothers Hatchery
PO Box 1026
Norwich, CT 06360
(860) 886-2421 or fax: (860) 889-6351
(production and broiler baby chicks, hatching eggs, started pullets, turkey poults, capons, ducklings, started turkeys, goslings, guinea keets)
Harder's Hatchery
624 N. Cow Creek Rd.
Ritzville, WA 99169
(509) 659-1423
(baby chicks, bantams, turkeys, ducklings, goslings and gamebirds)[NPIP]
Harold's Birds
Harold Renfro
222 County Road 894
Cushing, TX   75760
(936) 325-4774
(Mallards and various wild species of ducks and geese including new breed: Blue Mallards)
Heartland Hatchery
Rt. 1 Box 177-A
Amsterdam, MO 64723
(660) 267-3679
(Chickens, Bantams, Saipan Jungle Fowl, turkeys, goslings, ducklings, guineas, peafowl, Asian market breeds, day-old chicks) [NPIP]
Alan Howard
Dorset, UK
Ph: (01308) 862794
(various breeds of bantam poultry)
Hendrix Poultry Breeders
Villa 'de Körver'
Spoorstraat 69
P.O. Box 114
5830 AC Boxmeer, The Netherlands-EU
Ph: +31 485 319111 or Fx: +31 485 319112
(production breeds)
High Country Gamebirds
PO Box 293
Phelan, CA 92329-3267
(760) 868-1514
Hilltop Pheasant Ranch
(845) 436-0346
Swinhoes Pheasant chicks
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Hoffman Hatchery, Inc.
P. O. Box 129
Gratz, PA 17030
(7l7) 365-3694
(chicks, waterfowl, white muscovy ducklinks, gamebirds, books, supplies)
Holderreads Waterfowl Farm
P.O. Box 492
Corvalis, OR  97339
(541) 929-5338
(common and rare waterfowl breeds)
Hoover's Hatchery, Inc.
205 Chickasaw Street
P.O. Box 200
Rudd, IA  50471
(800) 247-7014 (641) 395-2730 fax: (641) 395-2208
(common chicks, ducklings, and goslings, turkeys, bantams, and ringneck pheasants - no minimum chicks!)
Howell's Exotic Waterfowl
Rt. 1 Box 514
Muldrow, OK 74948
(918) 427-4813
(wild ducks, geese, and swans)
Ideal Poultry Breeding Farm
P.O. Box 591P
Cameron, TX  76520-0591
(254) 697-6677 or fax: (254) 697-2393
(on-line catalog and ordering, NO MINIMUM of chicks!)
(maintain their own extensive breeder flocks)
Inman Hatcheries
P.O. Box 616
Aberdeen, SD  57402-0616
(800) 843-1962  or  (605) 225-8122
fax: (605) 225-4836
Chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks, pheasants, chukars, guineas
and poultry supplies.
Johnson's Waterfowl
Rt. 1 Box 16
Middle River, MN 56737
(day-old ducks and geese)
Kintaline Farm Poultry and Waterfowl Centre
Benderloch by Oban, Argyll
01631 720223
(Pure bred utility chickens and ducks; Housing; Books, Gifts)
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Lake Cumberland Gamebirds
David Wilson
Rt 8 Box 1675 
Monticello, KY 42633
(606) 348-6370 or (606) 348-0420
(ringneck pheasants, chukar partridge, bobwhite quail - chicks, adults and eggs)
Larry's Poultry & Supply
P.O. Box 691
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
(800) 676-1096 - orders only
email: a very extensive line of equipment and supplies as poultry and gamebirds.)
Lavendar Fields Farm
10959 SR 48
Sunman, Indiana   47041
(812) 926-6235 (8AM-7PM EST)
(Standard & Rare Breed Chickens, ducks, guineas, peafowl)
(hatching eggs, chicks, adults available, downloadable color catalog)
MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc.
Jesse Steurer
Information Supervisor/Partridge Supervisor
2821 U.S. Hwy 51 South
Janesville, WI 53456
(800) 345-8348 ext 19  fax: (608) 757-7884
(various pheasant breeds, chicks and mature) 
Manzano Valley Pheasantry
821 Miller Road
Los Lunas, NM  87031
(505) 865-8278
(pheasants, wood ducks, peafowl)
Marti Poultry Farm
603 East Jackson
P.O. Box 27
Windsor, MO  65360
(660) 647-3157
(70 varieties of chicks, guineas, bantams, pheasants, turkeys, ducks, chukar, exotic rare breeds, color poultry catalog)
Mason Hatchery
Rt. 3, box 343
Walters, OK 73572-9590
(580) 875-3503 (9AM-7PM Central)
fax: 580-875-3544
(Only Guineas in 13 varieties) [NPIP]
Massey Gamebird Farm
P.O. Box 150
Rogers, NM  88132
(505) 273-4345
(Day old and flight conditioned Bobwhite, pheasants, chukars)
Using QuailCo's breeding quail and equipment after they went out of business. Website coming soon.
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McKinney & Govero Poultry
4717 Highway B
Park Hills, MO 63601
(573) 518-0535 or (573) 431-4841
(Large fowl only. Closed Jul 15 to Jan 31 each year.)
Meisner Peafowl Farm
Dan & Deb Meisner
422 Lucy Drive
Converse, LA 71419
(318) 567-3365 or fax: (318) 567-3952
Metzer Farms Duck and Goose Hatchery
26000 Old Stage Road
Gonzales, CA  93926
(800) 424-7755
(Large operation with many varieties of waterfowl)
Michener Pheasant Pharm
RR 1 Box 171C
Nebraska City, NE 68410
(Eastern Wild Turkey, Chukar and Hungarian partridge; Buff, Red/yellow Golden, Lady Amherst, Black Mutant, Reeves, and Chinese, Jumbo, Mongolian Redneck Pheasants)
Meyer Hatchery
626 St. Rt. 89 
Polk OH, 44866
Ph: (888) 568-9755 or (419) 945-2651
Fx: (419) 945-9841
(various chicken breeds, hatching eggs, chicks, started birds)

Midwest Feed Company, Inc.
Mike G. Smith
14 West B
Hutchinson, KS  67501
(316) 665-8041
(Variety of fowl and Poultry Supplies)
Moon Valley Poultry 
Jennifer Lewis
P.O. Box 958
North Bend, WA  98045
(425) 888-4231
(red and cuckoo dorkings, eggs and chicks)
Moyer's Chicks, Inc.
266 East Paletown Rd.
Quakertown, PA 18951
(215) 536-3155 or fax: (215) 536-8034
(egglayers, broilers)
Mt. Healthy Hatcheries
9839 Winton Road
Mt. Healthy, OH 45231
(800) 451-5603 or fax: (513) 521-6902
(chicks in layer, broiler, ducks, geese, turkeys)
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Murray McMurray Hatchery
Box 458, 191 Closz Drive
Webster City, IA 50595-0458
(800) 456-3280
email: Use website form for contact
(140 varieties, online catalog and ordering, free color catalog)
Myer's Poultry Farm 
966 Ragers Hill Road
South Park,  PA  15956
(814) 539-7026
Nick's Chickens
Small Independent Hatchery in Western North Carolina offering hatching eggs, chicks and adult show quality birds- see website for breeds.
Western North Carolina
Noll's Poultry Farm
PO Box 14
Kleineltersville, PA 17039-0014
(717) 949-3560 or fax: (717) 949-3722
(5 breeds of egglayers, broilers)
None Fatter Herps
Mike Nagy
(Coturnix Quail: eggs, chicks , adults, frozen feeder quail for snakes and lizards)
North River Gamebirds
Newburgh, NY 
(914) 464-1702 or fax: (914) 566-9147
(ringneck, bobwhite, chukar hatching eggs, chicks, adults)
Northwest Gamebirds
228812 E. Game Farm Road 
Kennewick, WA  99337
(509) 586-0150
(coturnix quail, eggs to adults)
Northwest Wildfowl
10114 54th Place N.E.
Everett, WA 98205
(425) 334-8223 or fax: (425) 397-8136
(wild waterfowl and grouse)
Oak Farm Rare Breeds Park
Broughton, Aylesbury,
Bucks, HP22 5AW  UK
Ph: 01296 415709
(Aylesbury and mix breed ducks and bantam hens)
Oakwood Game Farm
PO Box 274
Princeton, MN 55371
(800) 328-6647
(pheasants and chukar - eggs, day old and started birds)
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Orpington Fowl
Stephen Dunstan and Steve Cocks
Tiggs Court, School Lane
North Newington
Banbury OX15 6AQ UK
Ph: 07971 118907 or Fx: 01295 730928
(Just Orpingtons, eggs and any age)
P and T Poultry
Cleeton Cottage Farm
Cleeton Lane
Cleeton St Mary, Shropshire
DY14 0QU  UK
Tel.: 01584 890263  Mobile: 07779 269173 
various breeds of large fowl and ducks - eggs to adults.
Peafowl Information Center
Dennis M. Fett, Director
Minden, Iowa. 51553 USA
email: use website form to contact
Chicks, Adults and Hatching Eggs

Pea Ridge Game Bird Hatchery
Dave & Jane Storm
1330 Hwy V
Hartville, Mo. 65667
Ph: (417) 741 7737
(Mongolian Cross Ringneck Pheasants, Wisc. Bobwhite Quail, 
Flying Mallards, Red Golden and Lady Amherst Pheasants)
Phasianidae Gamebird Farm
815 Kintner Road
Kintnersville, PA 18930
Ph: (610) 847-1179 Fax (610)847-1179
(Various quail and ornamental pheasant breeds - eggs, chicks and adults)
Pheasant Oh's Farm
No. 2892, Batu 21, Ajil, Hulu Terengganu,
Terengganu, MALAYSIA
Ph/Fx: 09-6817358
Peafowl and numerous breeds of pheasant
Phinney Hatchery, Inc.
1331 Dell Avenue
Walla Walla, WA  99362
Ph: (509) 525-2602 or fax: (509) 529-8136
(chicks, ringneck pheasant, chukar, exotic breeds, ducklings, and goslings)
Pinewood Poultry Farm
P.O. Drawer 5428
Sam Rayburn, TX 75951
Ph: (409) 698-2472 or fax: (409) 698-3182
(all kinds of chickens, waterfowl and gamebirds)
Pocono Quail FarmTerry Becherer2312 Spruce Cabin Road Cresco, Pa. 18326Ph: (570) 595-9559
(valley, gambel, blue scale, and mountain quail.  eggs and breeder pairs)
Prickeree Pines Gamebird Farm
Shane & Steve Risner
12410 64 th Str
Alto, MI  49302
Ph: (616) 868 6015 or (616) 897 1080
(exotic pheasants, quail, partridge, francolins, peafowl, and waterfowl)

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Privett Hatchery
P.O. Box 176
Portales, New Mexico  88130
(800) 634-4390
(chicks, bantams, turkeys, waterfowl, gamebirds)
(Online Price list and ordering)
Reich Poultry Farms, Inc.
1625 River Road
Marietta, PA 17547
(717) 426-3411
(limited varieties of chicks, ducks, geese and turkeys, 15 chick minimum)
Rice's Poultry Farm
1274 Hancock Road
Wickliffe, KY 42087
(Rhode Island Reds only - chicks and hatching eggs. )
Ridgway Hatcheries, Inc.
P.O. Box 306
LaRue, OH 43332
(800) 323-3825
(mallards, ringneck pheasants, quail, quail eggs, chukar partridge, and mature game birds)
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Robb's Roost
36758 Road Z
Wray, CO 80758
(970) 332-4222
Rochester Hatchery
Rochester, Alberta T0G 1Z0, Canada
(403) 698-3965
(over 80 breeds of poultry)
Rockin' Rooster Ranch 
Rt. 1 Box 214-M
Douglas, AZ 85607-9747
phone: (520) 364-6654 or Fax: 520-364-6654
(green eggers, leghorns, chinese ducks)
Trusted sourceRocking T Ranch & Poultry Farm
191 FM 2313
Kempner, TX 76539
email: Rockingt(at)LTEX.NET
(You didn't think I'd leave us out of this, did you????)
Chickens, Bantams, and 3 varieties of guineas) Good people to do business with, too!!  ;o)  [NPIP]
Rocky Mountain Hatchery & GameBirds
Pheasant Enhancement Specialists
P O Box 636
Victor, Montana 59875
(ringneck pheasants, chukar, partridge and poultry supplies)
Rt. 3 Box 414
Muldrow, OK 74948
(918) 427-3510
(strictly peafowl - egg, chicks, many varieties)
Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch
PO Box 250
Picacho, AZ  85241
Ph: (520) 466-3658 
(South African Black Ostrich, eggs)
Russell Farms
PO Box 852
Aurora, CO 80040
(303) 341-4522 or fax: (303) 341-2878
(email returned undeliverable 01/05/04)
(Bobwhite & Coturnix quail, Chukars and Ringnecks, eggs and live birds)
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Sand Hill Preservation Center
Glenn and Linda Drowns 
1878 230th Street
Calamus, IA  52729-9659
(563) 246-2299
(rare poultry breeds - day old chicks, no hatching eggs)
Dwayne Sargeant Gamebird Farm
3610 Moose Cry Road
RR 3 Box 220
Auburn, IL 62615
(217) 438-3114      Fax: (217) 438-6014
(pheasant eggs and chicks: Ringneck, Jumbo White, Buff. Red Leg Cross. Chukar eggs and chicks. Quail eggs: Bobwhite, Jumbo Bobwhite, Indiana Giant)
Schrock's Mother Goose Hatchery, Inc.
15737 CR 28 
Goshen, IN  46528
(574) 533-2447 
(See website for contact info)
(limited variety of ducks and geese, books, 4-H special)
Seven Oaks Game Farm
Claude McAllister
7823 Masonboro Sound Road
Wilmington, NC  28409
(910) 791-5352   fax: (910) 452-7807 
email: use website form to contact
(all kinds of poultry and gamebirds, chicks and eggs)
Shank's Hatchery
17874 Shank Rd NE, P.O. Box 429
Hubbard, OR 97032-9733
(800) 344-2449, (503) 981-7801 or fax: (503) 981-7215
email: use website form to contact
(production chickens, gamebirds, turkeys)
Shook Poultry
3177 Poultry Drive
Claremont, NC  28610
(828) 459-0571
Chicks only, 16 standard breeds, Do not ship.[NPIP]
(no website yet)
Shulte Waterfowl
Brian Shulte
2242 320 Ave
Marshall, MN 56258
(507) 532-2893
(day-old and mature pairs of ducks and geese)
Skyline Farms Hatchery
Route 2, Box 106
Bosworth, MO  64623
(816) 534-7727
Smith Poultry Supply
John or Terry Smith
14000 West 215th Street
Bucyrus, KS  66013
(913) 879-2587 or fax: (913) 533-2497
Numerous Ornamental Pheasants, peafowl, geese, gamebirds and Poultry Eqpt.  Adult birds only, no chicks or eggs. 
Southern Ornamental PheasantsRobert & Lisa Willis142 Gamefarm LaneMountain Home, Arkansas 72653870-491-7625email: lisanbob@centurytel.netBreeders of Ornamental Pheasants & Peafowl. Located in north Central arkansas. NPIP Certified.
Southwest Hatchery
PO Box 1566
Blythe, CA 92226-1566
(760) 921-2378
(Bobwhite Quail, Coturnix Quail, pheasants, and chukars)
Springhetti Gamebird Farm
12220 Springhetti Road
Snohomish, WA  98290
(360) 568-7277 or mobile (206) 909-1889
(chukar, partridge, several quail)
Squaw Creek Farm Gamebirds and Waterfowl
1388 210th Avenue
Osceola, IA 50213
(Various Quail, Peafowl, Mandarins, Calls, Woodies, Cinnamon Teal, Ring Teal, and Tree Ducks. )
Stirtz Hatchery
1400  2200 Avenue
Enterprise, KS 67441
(785) 263-2505
Standard White Leghorns only
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Strickland Quail Farms
P.O. Box 9
Pooler,  GA   31322
(912) 748-5769
Northern Bobwhite and Coturnix Quail
Stromberg's Chicks Unlimited
Box 400
Pine River, MN 56474-0400
(800) 720-1134, (218) 587-2222 or fax: (218) 587-4230
(they do not breed, but will arrange to ship many varieties of chicks, gamebirds and waterfowl)
(great color catalog)
Sunnyside Inc. of Beaver Dam
Hatchery Division
104 Beltline Drive, PO Box 452
Beaver Dam, WI 53916
(920) 887-2122 or fax: (800) 569-6821
(layer and broiler chicks, turkey poults, common ducks and geese)
Thundering Wings Pheasant Farm
Route 2 Box 178
Westphalia, KS  66093
(785) 4389-2411
(Gamebirds, turkeys, adult and chicks.)
Townline Hatchery
PO Box 108
Zeeland, MI 49464
(616) 772-6514 or fax: (616) 772-2969
(production chickens, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys, pheasants)

Tropical Birds of Paradise
Grass Valley, CA
(swans, geese, exotic pheasants and parrots)
Turkeys R Us
Keith Smith
1102 Dogwood Lane
ElDorado AR 71730
(870) 864-0580
(NPIP Certified. Specialize in shipping 10 Turkey Poults total from Bourbon Red, Royal Palm, Blue Slate, Naragansett and Standard Bronze)
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Uncle Tom's Farm
PO Box 42
Gardiner, OR 97441
(541) 271-5401
(pheasants, quail, turkeys, ducks and geese)
Urch/Turnland Poultry
2142 NW 47th Avenue
Owatonna, MN  55060
(507) 451-6782 (7-9PM CST)
(day-old chicks and hatching eggs, show poultry)
Utgaard's Hatchery
Box 32
Star Prairie, WI 54026
(715) 248-3200 or fax: (715) 248-7410
(broiler layer chicks, ducks, geese, Ringneck Pheasant chicks, bantam assortment, guinea assortment)
Valley View Pheasants & Game Birds, LLC.
1018 S. 350 E.
Provo, UT 84606
(877) GAMEBIRD or 801-356-1176
or fax: (801) 373-4095
(Pheasants: Ringneck, California Buff, White, Mongolian Black. Chukars, Bobwhite Quail. Eggs, chicks, and mature flight conditioned birds.)
Welp Hatchery, Inc.
P.O. Box 77
Bancroft, IA 50517
(800) 458-4473, (515) 885-2345, fax: (515) 885-2346
(Cornish-Rock broiler chicks plus some baby ducks, geese, turkeys, laying breeds, and gamebirds, some supplies)
David White Hatchery 
Route 1 Box 136A
Great Bend, KS  67530
(316) 982-4571
Various Egg Layers, Guineas, Bantams and Waterfowl
Al Wiley
Rt 1  Box 146
Birch Tree, MO  65438
Various breeds chicken hatching eggs [NPIP]
Willow Hollow Gamebird Farm 
RR 3 Box 3654
Mohnon,  PA  19540
(610) 856-0955
(wild turkeys)
Wings Gamebird Ranch & Hatchery
Dee Johnson
P.O. Box 5
Briggs, TX  78608
(512) 489-2517 or (512) 525-4098
Established 1989 (chukar and pheasants)
Wish Hatchery
PO Box 862
Prairie City, OR 97869
(541) 820-3509
(only Wishard bronze turkeys)
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Witt Farms
2056 Old Stagecoach Rd
Cassatt, SC 29032
(803) 432-1067
(numerous colors of muscovy ducks only)
X-Treme Game Birds and Poultry
John & Suzanne Hayes
280 Lacy Dr.
Elgin, TX. 78621
(512) 281-4182  office or (512) 636-4182  cell
(Chinese Ringneck, Red-Golden, and Lady Amherst Pheasants, Northern Bobwhite Quail, Guineas, various large breed chickens, day old chicks.  Eggs, chicks, adults)
Wylye Valley Chickens
(formerly Dorset Rare Breeds)
Willow Cottage 
South Newton, Salisbury, 
Tel: 01722 743391
Yoder's Hatchery
256 Jarrell Rd.
Kokoma, MS 39643
(601) 736-1000
Zillich Poultry Farm (ZPF)
Fred Zillich
Rt. 1 Box 190
Mercer, MO 64661
(660) 875-2572
(Several breeds of exhibition chickens, ducks and geese - eggs, chicks, adults) (Also raises and sells Wild Russian Boars!!)

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